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The Colgate Thirteen, Works in Progress

Works in Progress | 1983, Vinyl

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Track Song Title Play
1 Back In Dad and Mom's Day Listen
2 The More I See You
Soloist: Chris Willard
3 Suzanne
Soloist: Jonely Moy
4 Mood Indigo/East of the Sun
Soloist: Tim Brooks
5 Young And Foolish
Soloist: Bob Connelly
6 Cupid
Soloist: Peter Juran
7 Softly Listen
8 Trickle Trickle
Soloist: Richard Pickett
9 That Cat Is High
Soloist: Tom Borden
10 Cherish Listen
11 Cryin' (In The Chapel)
Soloists: Bob Austrian, Eric Seidman
12 Little Darlin'
Soloists: Bob Austrian, Peter Juran
13 Is She Really Going Out With Him?
Soloist: Kurt Anderson
14 April Listen
15 Masochism Tango
Soloist: Mark Palermo
16 Colgate Alma Mater Listen

On rare occasions, one has the opportunity to turn back and gaze on one's life, watching its growth and progression. The first weekend in June of 1982 was such an occasion for over one hundred and twenty men who have been part of the forty year tradition of the Colgate Thirteen. The concert on the night of the fifth of June became a musical journey back through the changes and growths that have shaped the current Thirteen. We dedicate this album to those members of the Colgate Thirteen who reminded us that evening of the priviledge we share of being a part of these Works in Progress.

Other important folks: Warren Wheeler (back cover photo), Rex Wood, Bob Howard, Tony Farrell, Johnny, the man with the sweet melon, Woody (who runs the Wing Wagon), Debbie (from Dallas), Sandy (arf, arf), residents of 162 Tremont, Trustees of the Sweedish Art Museum (near Chicago), mom & dad, most people.

Recorded 1983, Mark Custom Recording Service, 10815 Bodine Rd., Clarence, N.Y. 14031.

Recording: David Bellance and Mark Mekker
Mastering: The Groove Shop - Bob Grotke.
Produced by: Mark Palermo
Cover Theme By: Peter Juran
Graphics by: Sue Vaughan and Jody Hansen