About Crust Net

Welcome to the on-line home of the Colgate Thirteen Alumni Association.

The Crust Edition Web site, affectionally known as Crust Net, has been developed to create a repository of the Colgate Thirteen's music, a directory of its people, and a place to begin to record its traditions. An application of this sort has been on the minds of several people recently, and I've had help from several people putting this together, most notably Cris Johnson, who has digitized and uploaded almost all the music you'll find in the Albums section.

The Crust Edition is intended to list every past and current member of the Colgate Thirteen—regardless of how many years he sang with the group—every album, song, soloist, leader, part, nickname, etc. Several people have worked on gathering information on Colgate Thirteen Crust from their eras, but it's work that is continuing. If you see anything that's incorrect or find information missing, please let me know. Also, please make an effort to keep your own information up to date.

If you are new to the Crust Edition, please note that registration is in two phases. First, you register. Second, your information is reviewed manually to ensure you're not some lurker. This may not happen immediately, so please be patient. It's important that we keep personal information recorded in to Crust Edition available only to registered Crust. (In other words, what you put in here will not become publicly available over the Internet.) If you'd like to help with this manual process—for your era, for example—please let me know.

In addition to information about people, I and others are trying to make every recorded Thirteen performance available for download. Currently, we have every albums going back to the first album in 1942. (We will not be putting up complete downloads for CDs still in print, as this could cut into the current group's revenues. However, we will give you a link to those CDs so you can buy them.) We also have some notorious concerts in the History section, like the 1984 Final Pub Concert, recorded the last night of the old Pub.

Last, I think I've crushed most of the bugs in this application, but there's no testing that can compete with real-world use. If you find any problems (even typos), please send me a note.

And there you have it. Please be patient, as this site is a continuing evolution.

Tim Brooks
Class of 1984